Drop Down Days

‘Drop down days’ or ‘focus weeks’ can be great ways of enrich a comprehensive  RSE programme in both primary and secondary schools. Many schools us them to recap information taught in timetabled lessons during the previous year.

At Tailor, we can devise a bespoke programme of work for your school based on your timetable, cohort and the way you wish to sructure the day.

Please contact us to discuss an RSE drop down day for your students

Taboo or not Taboo!?

Taboo or not Taboo!? is a discussion event format that has been designed to help us facilitate conversations around a range of topics that we as a society tend to avoid.

Discussions are based around a carefully crafted questions and statements that will draw out thoughts and opinions from those taking part. Space is always given for participants to express their views and although respect is always shown for people’s views, beliefs and questions, our facilitators will challenge negative attitudes and correct myths. Each presentation is full of facts and information to help participants fully explore and understand the topic.

Taboo or not Taboo!? events have predominantly taken place in colleges and universities but we have also used the format with professionals, academics and parents. We have sessions on Consent, Pleasure, Masculinity, Love and Sex.

We believe that being able to discuss issues around sex and relationships more openly as a society, will go a long way to ensuring that people feel empowered to speak up when they need support or information. As long as these issues remain taboo, many people, especially young people, will find themselves in situations that could have been avoided.